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Brand Experience - Our Areas of Focus


We take a creative approach to brand experience, always looking for a strong single minded idea that brings credibility to the brand and resonates with the target audience long into the future – a strong creative idea will touch the hearts and minds of customers which in turn provides the element of trust.

Good creative goes beyond content and focuses more on the expeience – seeing it, wanting it and getting it.


Our aim is to deliver long-lasting, memorable and emotional connections between consumers and brands.

By communicating directly with the consumer experiential provides an immediate personal experience with the product or service


The positive mood created by the event environment makes it an ideal platform for a brand to communicate its core message – increasing customer loyalty and generating a buzz around products and services in an often fun way.

Our goal is to deliver experiences that are in line with both the values you want to communicate and the event itself, ensuring that the audience always takes away the right message with a genuine connection to your brand.


Our brand and event staff are the very best; they look after the brands they represent and we look after them in return.

We ensure our staff are the embodiment of your brand – in their appearance, demeanour, values and ethics.

Our staff often have skill sets in particular areas and the decision on whom to use for a particular campaign is always made with the type of activity and the brand in mind.

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Our nation-wide distribution network and logistical expertise to and on site provides us with the resources we need in the distribution to, and re-stocking of promotional staff – the key to high level cost effective sampling.

We have 10,000 square feet of ambient warehousing (with local access to both chilled and frozen) where we house pre and post campaign stock and build elements.

Perhaps it’s not the cool side of advertising but just as important as the rest.


The majority of our builds are created in-house – starting with a 3D visual that sets the build parameters and deliverables.

Everything we build is bespoke, from a jet engine for Air Asia to a city centre fete for Nature Valley.

Our experience is not just with experiential builds but includes stands for exhibitions and events.

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We are very happy to look at a brief or sense check your ideas at no cost - this is a business model that has proven success for us.

To discuss your plans please contact: Jon Carson, Partner 07887 847057