Immerse Creative Brand Experiences

MESH - Shopping Centre Activity

The Task

To Create and develop an interactive and engaging month long campaign promoting the new vaping technology of MESH on the Rotunda outside the Bullring throughout December. This was all about education, communication, sampling and retail whist adhering to stringent regulations.

The Solution

Immerse built, staffed and managed the months campaign in its entirety. We developed a build that created a considerable WOW factor, and which was visible from a significant distance due to the 3 x 100 inch screens bolted to the roof. (This was the biggest set up the Bullring had ever had) We recruited and extensively trained 14 specialist brand ambassadors to educate consumers on the 3 main points of difference in the new technology, whilst understanding the rules and regulations about whom to target. Managing the client, the venue, the council as well as the operations and logistics was all part and parcel of the Immerse offering.

The Results

So successful that the client is looking to re-run during 2017.

Results included 1,900 contacts and a 55% sample to purchase success rate.


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