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Vivid - Summer Festivals

The Task

Design and build a premium and stylish vaping lounge that allows staff to engage, interact and retail Vivid products.

The Solution

The Vivid vaping lounge introduced consumers to the Vivid brand through energetic and knowledgeable staff, a discount of up to 75% for all Vivid products, and a build that screamed premium, stylish, comfortable and fun.

Our staff were instrumental to the success of the festival, engaging with festival goers both on the stand and off-site with a retail tray that roamed the festival.

A wind machine was a hugely popular addition that enticed consumers to enter the stand and acted as a competition mechanic to win prizes – including a free Vivid starter kit.

The Locations

Kendal Calling
Fusion Festival

The Results

Sampling and sales figures exceed expectations. Expect to see Vivid on the festival circuit in 2017!


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