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Product Sampling For Success

What is your brand looking to achieve through product sampling?

Are your aims and objectives to engage new customers, build brand loyalty, spread the word through social media or simply incentivise purchase for example?

A product sampling campaign can take a disruptive approach or be part of an engaging brand experience - your chosen route will depend on budget and goals

Consider that the aim of a product sampling campaign is always to encourage trial and, ultimately, purchase.

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Delivering Your Product Sampling Campaign

Product sampling, often referred to as ‘brand to hand’, can cover all of the five senses – taste, sight, touch, smell and sound – simply and cost-effectively.

To make the most of your product activation campaign and ensure success there are six key areas to consider...

Planning & Creative

Who is your target audience and where is the best place to find them? Do you want to get as many people as possible to try your products through mass sampling or are you very specific about the demographic of the people you reach?

If you are looking for a more focused ‘destination’ that creates buzz and interaction, and encourages dwell time to engage with potential consumers, then consider locations such as shopping centres or events. Here, sampling staff will have greater opportunity to showcase your brand, product benefits and USPs.

Timing is an important consideration at the planning stage. Perhaps you are supporting your new product launch across other media where integration with your product sampling would be an advantage.


The cost of your sampling depends largely on two factors: size and weight of the individual samples. These influence the logistics required to decide the amount of samples to stock and the number of product sampling staff needed to meet distribution targets.

An experience-led approach in a venue – such as a shopping centre – will also impact on costs. You may have to pay site fees: you can be fined if you haven’t arranged a licence for brand sampling, and one missed day means a big missed opportunity. You also need to create a pop-up or build an experiential stand, which involves additional branding and signage. The cost is greater, but the consumer experience is enhanced.


Is the aim of your sampling campaign to get as many freebies into as many people’s hands as possible, no matter who? On-street is where footfall is greatest, but also where the target audience is less well defined … unless the product being sampled has relevance to the location. For example, sampling food products at a railway station.

Or do you want to target a certain demographic by sampling at a specific location or event?


For many clients, this is the less obvious side of brand to hand activation yet the most essential.

Use a partner with the right assets and experience to manage all stock requirements. These will include warehousing pre-, during and post-campaign as well as distributing samples to and on site for the activity days.

All stock should be palletised with the number, size and weight of samples in each individual box; and the number of boxes in an outer and number of outers on the pallet must be recorded.

Heavier and bulkier samples impact on the size and number of transportation vehicles required. Companies operating any vehicle larger than a 3.5t vehicle (e.g., a Mercedes Sprinter van) must have an Operator’s Licence and each driver must have a digital tacho card – there are hefty fines for those caught without!

Product Sampling Staff

Securing the most disciplined and experienced product sampling staff is important to ensure a successful sampling opportunity. They must be seen as your brand ambassadors and act on a brief to ONLY hand out the agreed number of samples per person.

Immerse sampling staff are trained to give away products and meet targets – without giving away for the sake of it.


You’ve introduced consumer to your new products but have you retained them?

There are several ways to measure the success of your sampling activation. For example, by incentivising future purchases and tracking uptake of a redeemable coupon – though this incurs print costs. An alternative solution is to harness the power of soclal media: getting people to talk about your products online and review them is a brilliant way to influence sales.

Movenpick at Taste of London

Discover how we created a reusable 360 degree bar setting featuring an ice-cream mixologist (yes, they do exist!) for an ice cream experience that caused ripples … it smashed all targets for both sampling and conversion to sales


Why Immerse?

At Immerse, we provide cost-efficient solutions to reach consumers in the most effective ways.

We will take a deep dive to understand your needs to achieve your targets, whether for a small tactical sampling campaign or a national mass activation.

Discover how we can help your product sampling campaign be in the right place at the right time and at the right price.

To discuss your plans please contact
Jon Carson, 07887 847057