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Shopper Marketing

Understanding how consumers behave as shoppers, in any given channel or format is key to delivering value within shopper marketing. Knowing what is likely to motivate or influence the shopper through well researched insights is a key part of the process; every shopper has different needs, wants, likes and dislikes, so it’s important to know the decisions they are making throughout the buying process – right up to the moment they reach the checkout.

Brand Research (Data)

Knowing why a shopper purchases your brand – or not – in store is key to delivering a coherent strategy for a particular product of service. Our data partners produce both qualitative and quantitative research, from the tried and tested focus groups through to real time in-store evidence. We use this research to provide direction on many aspects of the shopper process and apply this to your brand and channel(s).

Category Insights

The retailer needs to know that they should be stocking a particular product and our aim is to demonstrate why your brand can be a key partner in driving growth for their category. And understanding how the ‘important players’ define your category, and reacting to these findings, provides us with the necessary background to ensure the buyers consider your brand properly.

Channel Solutions

Shopper needs is driving the development of retail channels. Just consider today’s landscape with that of twenty years ago and, for example, the arrival of the convenience and discount stores and the impact of online and virtual shopping. Shoppers are now combining multiple retail channels to find the best overall range, value and convenience for their purchases. We help our clients to understand the differing needs of both the shopper and the retail customer across the multitude of different channels.

Communication and Insight

Connecting with your customer in-store is paramount and our role is to make sure that your brand is the one resonating with the shopper. Packaging design and promotions is important here but more so is knowing how to achieve the cut-through.


We are very happy to look at a brief or sense check your ideas at no cost - this is a business model that has proven success for us.

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